Shall I add a “Devise Confirmable” option to my RailsApps templates?

I’ve been working this week on a new example app for the RailsApps project. It’s called rails-prelaunch-signup and it will be an example Rails 3.2 app for a web startup prelaunch page. Turns out I’ll need to use the Devise Confirmable module (which used to be a Devise default and now is an option). There’s a few tricks needed to get “:confirmable” working with Devise, especially with Cucumber testing.

I’m thinking of adding “Devise Confirmable” as an option for the application templates that generate all the Devise example applications (including the popular rails3-devise-rspec-cucumber). As well as the rails_apps_composer gem that generates the templates. It’s going to be a bit of work.

I’m thinking the prompt will look like this when one runs the template:

question:  Would you like to use Devise for authentication?

          1)  No

          2)  Devise with default modules

          3)  Devise with Confirmable module

          4)  Devise with Confirmable and Invitable modules

Any thoughts? Worth doing? As always, I like feedback before I undertake the effort.