Rails, Twitter Bootstrap, Devise and CanCan: Tutorial and Example App

Just added to the RailsApps GitHub repo: an example app for Rails, Twitter Bootstrap, Devise, and CanCan. Twitter Bootstrap is coming on strong as a front-end framework to use with Rails; Devise continues to be popular for user management and authentication; and CanCan is a favorite for authorization architecture. This example app puts them together. Best of all, it comes with a detailed Rails Tutorial for Devise with CanCan and Twitter Bootstrap. The tutorial takes up where the popular RailsApps tutorial for Devise with RSpec and Cucumber leaves off. Like the other example apps in the RailsApps repo, this one comes with an application template to generate a starter app, with options for Haml, Devise modules, and more. Built with the Rails Apps Composer gem.

I’m planning to put together an example app that can be used to build a “prelaunch signup site" for typical web startups. It’s in the works but I had to build an example with Twitter Bootstrap, Devise, and CanCan first.