Rails Bootstrap

It’s out! The first Rails 4.0 application from the RailsApps project.

It’s the Rails Bootstrap project.

Here’s everything you get:

The Rails Bootstrap application and tutorial is the first of a new series for Rails 4.0. With support from the RailsApps Tutorial subscribers, I’m going deeper and broader in coverage of Rails. There’s much more to come, but the Rails Bootstrap project is the first, going deeper into Rails and Twitter Bootstrap than previous material.

For the starter app, I’ve responded to feedback that not every app needs Devise or CanCan so this starter app sets up a basic Rails app with Twitter Bootstrap for those who don’t need the extras.

Starter app features include:

  • Home page
  • “About” page
  • Additional pages using the high_voltage gem
  • Navigation bar
  • Configuration file

The tutorial goes beyond the starter app to demonstrate Twitter Bootstrap with additional features, including:

  • Image carousel
  • Modal window
  • Survey form
  • Google spreadsheet datastore

If the feedback is positive, I’ll adopt this format for forthcoming tutorials, showing how to deploy a starter app and then demonstrating additional features.

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