Rails Layout Gem v1.0.1

Today I released the rails_layout gem version 1.0.1. The gem is getting frequent use and I’m getting significant and useful code contributions.

I built the gem so I could easily generate application layout files for a choice of front-end frameworks, including Foundation and Bootstrap. The gem is a key component to the Rails Composer tool, which generates starter apps. You get a choice of front-end frameworks to bake into your starter apps.

I’m working on a new example application for Rails and Devise. The Rails 3.2 example applications that use Devise have been popular starter apps. The new rails-devise example application is even better. Of course it is updated for Rails 4.0, but it also offers a choice of Foundation or Bootstrap, for a more attractive starter app.

Devise can generate view files for login and signup pages (also “edit account” and “forgot password” pages) but the pages are not attractive. The new starter app uses the rails_layout gem to generate attractive view files for Devise that contain CSS styling for Foundation or Bootstrap. Here’s a screenshot of a login page, using Foundation.

The idea of a starter app is to save time for developers. Everyone needs a basic application that uses Devise, with a favorite front-end framework. Why build it from scratch? And why tweak the Devise view files every time? Let’s go open source with a starter app.

In releasing version 1.0.1 of the rails_layout gem, I’ve changed its API and its commands to accommodate the new feature that generates Devise views.

The rails-devise example application is still a work in progress but you can try it out. Just build it with the Rails Composer tool.

You can also use the rails_layout gem on its own.

As always, a big shout of thanks to the developers who support the RailsApps project with monthly subscriptions.

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