5 Starter Apps for Rails 4.1 from Rails Composer

You can use Rails Composer, “the Rails generator on steroids,” to create any of the Rails 4.1 example applications from the RailsApps project. In minutes you get a starter app, ready to customize and deploy.

Here’s the newest starter app you get with Rails Composer:

Devise is for authentication and user management. You might not know Pundit. It’s a great new gem for authorization and access control, simpler than CanCan and easier to use with Rails 4.1. Together with options for Bootstrap or Foundation, you get a powerful starter app in minutes with Rails Composer.

Make sure you have Rails 4.1.0 installed and run:

$ rails new myapp -m https://raw.github.com/RailsApps/rails-composer/master/composer.rb

You’ll get a menu of starter apps. Choose options for ERB or Haml or Slim, different databases, and Bootstrap or Foundation front-end frameworks.

Here’s the complete list of starter apps that Rails Composer will generate for Rails 4.1:

Development of the Rails Composer tool is supported by the RailsApps project. If you like the tool, please accept our invitation to join the project as a subscriber.

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